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Enjoy accurate PDF to Word conversions offline, powerful batch conversion, selective text extraction, and other advanced features with Able2Extract Pro.

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No Internet - No Problem

With Able2Extract Professional, you can quickly convert PDF to Word with formatting intact even when you are off network. Everything is done locally using your machine’s resources for increased reliability and security.

Extract Just the Data You Need

Why waste time on converting a whole PDF file and looking for a specific paragraph in a hundreds of pages long Word document? Increase your PDF productivity by selectively converting just the data you need.

Speed Up Workflows with Batch Converter

Feed the Batch Converter tool with multiple files and folders and convert them all in one go with a click of a button. Want to convert multiple PDFs into a single Word document? No worries - batch converter does that too!

Multiple File Formats & Custom Options

Besides converting to DOCX you can also extract PDF content into RTF (Rich Text Format) and ODT (for open source word processing software). Set page margins, manage graphics, custom-tailor layout, and much more.

Unmatched OCR Engine for Scanned Files

Stuck with an image-based document that no online tool can cope with? Let Able2Extract’s multi-language OCR engine extract text with precision! Seamless experience guaranteed thanks to automatic scanned-PDF recognition.

Edit PDF File on the Spot

Why would you convert a document to Word for editing just to print a modified version back to PDF? Able2Extract Pro is a smarter solution, letting you edit, add, and delete text, adjust font properties, insert images, and more.

Able2Extract Professional is trusted by millions of users and more than 250.000 organizations worldwide, including:

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Discover Able2Extract Professional, a complete set of powerful PDF tools you can use offline on all major desktop platforms.

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